Thursday, November 4, 2010

hype of the week: 1984 velvet knights

Sometimes I have to remind myself that I do this for fun. I go out and ride as fast as I can, and even though my "fast" is everyone else's slow, I do my best anyway. And when I finish in last place again, it's important to retain some perspective, and remind myself that I do this for fun.

This week's hype is for what promises to be a flat, fast Hillsboro course (where I will ride until my eyeballs fall out and still finish DFL), and for drum corps fans of, well, a certain age. Ideally, you should be old enough to remember vinyl. There's lots of very sly, subtle humor all over the place; but the vinyl reference ought to be enough (near the end of the tune, after it goes into hyperdrive). And above all, it's about having fun.

BONUS: If you hang in there for the entire 3-plus minutes, then you can enjoy this treat below. Drum corps fan will need no explanation. Everyone else: it's VK's drum majors at Retreat (where they annouce winner of the contest, very formal and ritualistic), being assisted by the way-more-uptight Blue Devils drum majors. Have fun.

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