Thursday, June 23, 2011

team slow jerseys, sunday parkways

Last night I went up to Mt. Tabor to cheer on my teammates who are all crazy enough to race a hilly crit on the top of a dead volcano. Ed (above) brought our just-arrived team jerseys and was the first to model his.

early adopter

I must say that having teammates all wearing the same wacky color scheme as you does make a difference in creating some semblance of team unity. Anyway, it was fun to watch my friends race a crit (Ed, Tomas, Ben and Kristin raced fixies; Klaus and John raced Cat 5 Men) and finish strong.

(Would I ever race road? Nope. Not for me. The ground is just too hard if you crash.)

Sunday Parkways North is this weekend. Look for me out on the route, as I've volunteered for Roving Mechanic duty. Lots of fun riding and strolling along car-free streets, plus entertainment and delicious local food at local parks. North Portland is the place to be this Sunday.

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