Friday, January 27, 2012

cyclocross world cup final: hoogerhide, 2011

In anticipation of NOT being able to catch the Elite finals of the Cyclocross World Championships live this weekend -- they'll show at something like 2am PST and I have to work Sunday -- I found this clip from the womens' and mens' final race of the UCI World Cup series, held last week in Hoogerhide, The Netherlands. Katie Compton and Niels Albert simply shine as the toughest riders on the course, picking better lines through the tacky corners and staying upright more easily than their opponents, who occasionally went caroming into the tape.

Yes, the Euro courses look deadly dull when compared to, say, the typically muddy Cross Crusade courses -- where are the barriers, people? -- but these racers are faster than you or I will ever be and that is the indisputable truth. Watch, and be schooled.

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