Friday, February 3, 2012

this groundhog is over winter

On February 2, my birthday dawned clear and cold.
As I have on every birthday since I turned six, I went outside and looked for my shadow.
I knew that if I waited for the sun to clear the rooftop of the neighbor's house, I would see my shadow on the walkway in front of our house.
I have been seriously tired of winter for about a month now. Riding in the first rainstorms of the fall was exhilarating -- it always is -- but by January I am ready to wear fewer layers and move on.
So I waited until the sun was up, but not high enough in th sky to clear the neighbor's house.
Ergo, I did not see my shadow and because of that there will be an early spring.
Because I said so.
(Technically, Sweetie tells me, this is cheating; but it's my tradition and I am ready for spring so I will do what I need to do in order to stay sane without apology.)

Spring is beginning to rear its head anyway, no matter what Mister Phil may have seen back in western Pennsylvania.
Punxsatwaney is so far away from Portland as to be irrelevant.
Cherry blossoms have been blooming for over a week in Northwest Portland; and tiny buds are popping out on nearly every tree I ride past on my way to work. A month ago it was still dark at 5 pm; when I rode across the river on Wednesday night to go to my teaching gig the sun was still in the sky -- very low, but still hanging there -- and I squinted to see my way across the bridge.

As I type this, I can look out the window and see buds on the branches of our forsythia bush at the oppostie end of the yard.

Spring is coming and there is no stopping it. Enjoy!

birthday ride 2-2

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