Friday, February 17, 2012

on riding in the rain

Today I had to run an errand into town for Sweetie, after meeting an appointment for coffee and then seeing my barber for my bi-monthly haircut.

The forecast called for showers off and on through the day. So I brought along my Burley Rock Point rain jacket (which I went back to after my Showers Pass jacket got stolen), my Rivendell Splats and a pair of Rainlegs. I figured, "showers", right? That would be raingear aplenty; plus, although I appreciate how well rain pants work I'm not a fan of wrestling in and out of them when I have multiple local errands.

I was fine until I found myself coming out of the barber's and into a downpour. I wore everything I'd brought and eventually could feel the cold wet rain seep into the gaps where my rainlegs didn't cover my jeans.


I rode through the relentless downpour until I couldn't stand it anymore; then pulled over and tossed my bike on a MAX train for the rest of the ride into town.

Sometimes even I wimp out, that's all I'm saying.

I don't mind riding in the rain most days. But now that it's mid-February I am definitely ready for the longer days, the crocuses and the warming temperatures of spring.

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