Tuesday, April 23, 2013

pure wrenching, part three: GT tachyon semi-roadie

This one was sweet. A petite friend's equally petite GT Tachyon from 2010, in for a tune-up, that cleaned up and trued up beautifully, even though it needed new brake pads and a front derailleur cable.

A gorgeous day for wrenching at home: high of 70F and I'm in shorts and a t-shirt, rocking out to the NanoPod (except when I have to listen closely for brake pad rub).

Oddity: My Pedro's gear-cleaning brush has disintegrated without explanation. The plastic holding the bristles in place cracked on three of four sides and bristles simply fell out. A reaction to cituss-based cleaning solvent? The weather? Doubtful on either count. I will take the brush to a shop that sells Pedro's and get a swap, I suppose. Used to be I'd wrap this stuff up and send it back to the manufacturer, but anymore I prefer the quick fix.

It's still so quietly satisfying to work on bikes. I'm still quick, even at my own relaxed pace without the pressures of retail. There's a lovely feeling in the heft of a good wrench, the right amount of torque to tighten a bolt, the ability to eyeball a problem and solve it on the spot. I know that someday I may not want, or be able to, do this anymore, even for fun. Right now I'm glad I still can.

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