Friday, April 5, 2013

zo bags and the hype of fake beausage

Seen on eBay this week:

That's a genuine Zo messenger bag, currently on sale for an opening bid of $350.00.
Comes with rips, tears, and faded graffiti that only adds to the bag's mystique. If you buy it, you can claim the beausage ("beauty-through-usage", as defined by Grant Peterson) for yourself.
However, if you are over fifty and have a head full of gray hair, no one is going to believe that you are the first owner of this bag. Even if you ever really were a bicycle messenger at some point in the past.

Phew. Saved from false vanity yet again.

Still, I bet some sucker is going to buy this bag.

A co-worker of mine from the bike shop found a Zo bag a couple of years ago at a local used sporting goods store. They didn't know what they had because she ended up paying twenty bucks for it. Then she flipped it for two hundred bucks on eBay -- to some kid in Japan who wanted a piece of American Messenger Mystique for his very own.

The market blows my mind some days.

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