Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snowlandia 2014

Well, we got some snow in Portland today.

It started out innocuously enough, a few tiny flurries, delicate and soft. By 3pm it was really snowing and by 5 pm the flakes were big and sticking and the birds were looking for seed. I refilled the feeder and watched the birds find it.

Sweetie and I, knowing that at least some snow might fall, went to the grocery store early in the day to stock up on food for the weekend. We came home, watched the snow collect around the steps and the tufts of grass and the base of the feeder, and I knew that I'd get an email from work canceling my afternoon Hebrew class. I was halfway tempted to get out my Bridgestone mountain bike and ride through the fresh powder that was now sticking to the pavement in the street. But the wind was so strong, with gusts of 40 mph; and the temperature was so cold, somewhere in the low 20s, that I decided against it. Instead, we watched the birds help themselves to the sunflower seeds in our feeder, and sipped hot coffee or tea, and had lunch, and enjoyed the beutiful whiteness outside our window.

I've promised myself that if the wind dies down tomorrow -- and assuming that my school will remain closed, because the snow isn't going anywhere for a couple of days -- that I will pull out my mountain bike, pump up the tires and go for a ride in the snow. It may be a short ride, and definitely will be an undemanding one; but I have got to ride in the snow tomorrow while it's still here.

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