Wednesday, December 3, 2014

winter biking begins

Yesterday, i rode for the first time in over a week. It was slow, cold going and in the end I shortened my trip with the help of transit. I was tird, vulnteble and feeling tossed around by a cold east wind that grew stronger as the afternoon turned to evening. I had an accupincture appointment in the evening that really helped move things throu, but left me feeling deeted enough to toss my bike on the bus for all but the last mile home. A hot bath and an early bedtime were in order.

This morning, I awoke feeling better-rested. I had appointments downtown and went multi-modal, riding across the Broadway Bridge in low, bright winter sunshine. It was warmer today than yesterday, and I was surprised to feel energy in my legs after the draining evening I'd had. I enjoyed feeling lighter and more energetic, and part of things on the street again as other riders passed me.

I didn't mind being passed. I no longer worry about such things when I ride. I am slower than I used to be, and I was never really very fast anyway. It's all good. I was just happy to be out on my bike today, and it felt good. As the winter goes on it won't always be so light and easy. But today it was, and I'm glad.

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