Tuesday, November 3, 2015

coffeeneuring challenge 2015:9 -- AJ Java, NE Portland

I came home from Kansas, caught Sweetie's cold, and spent several days hacking up unspeakable things. Feeling better today, but still coughing, I decided to tempt fate with a short, sunny "bonus" ride. Strangely, my cough faded a bit as I rode along.

On the other side of Peninsula Park, at the southwest corner of NE Albina and Rosa parks, sits AJ Java, a place I've gone coffeeneuring before; but now they roast their own coffee in-house and I wanted to see if it was any different. The outside looked tired, frayed around the edges; the painted signs up top had faded almost to nothing, and the only identifying logos were painted on the glass doors and window.

(At left: Where the action happens.)

But is the coffee any better now?
It tasted fresh, hot and pretty darned good, though nothing special. I paired it with a slice of day-old chocolate bread (which was actually quite tasty!) and called it Good.

 (At left: the kids' corner at AJ Cafe)

After I left AJ, my cough was still bothering me a little, so I limited my ride to loops around back alleyways and cross-streets, taking a crisp scenic route back to my house.

I sort of wish I could record the feeling of riding on a day like this, with cool air and the colors of a late autumn afternoon; but some things are better left unrecorded.

(Above: Peninsula Park)
I finally ended up back home after a short, lovely ride of just under than five miles, which was all my lungs could handle.
I have one more coffeeneuring ride planned before the deadline, and I'm hoping some Portland-area friends will join me for it. Stay tuned.

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