Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Off-season coffeeneuring - it IS getting a little old

I have to admit that all these solo rides are getting old.

I've tried to keep a good face on it all. When the weather hasn't been unbearable, I've gotten on my bike and ridden short distances, sometimes going multi-modal with public transit.

But the winter has been gray and very wet. By itself, that would be completely workable. I could suit up in my rain gear, ride somewhere, ride somewhere else, and stop along the way to dry off a little and have a cup of coffee or tea before riding home. I could even swing by a bike shop and hang out inside while I chat with mechanics who are my friends.

But COVID makes that nearly impossible.

If I go somewhere by bike, there's nowhere to sit inside out of the rain. Today it was warm enough -- with a high of 58F -- that I didn't completely mind getting lunch to go and finding a table under cover somewhere else to eat it (I sat outside Peet's, finished my lunch and then bought some coffee to go).

Then, because the combination of All The Things had made me fatigued, I caught a bus up the hill and rode to the CCC for a small part (waiting outside in the rain while someone in the shop went and found it for me), and then rode home. When I got home, I was so emotionally exhausted that I had to lie down for a two-hour nap.

It's been like that all fall and winter, since the rainy season began. And some days, not even primping and preening one of my own bikes to improve it has helped a whole lot.
I do love my singlespeed and I'm enjoying riding it; but I am also so fatigued by All The Things that today I tossed it on the bus to shorten my ride.

I miss the days when riding felt effortless and far less lonely.

I hope those days -- at least the less lonely part -- will return soon.
Meanwhile, I'll do what I can to keep plugging along.
Be safe out there and rubber side down.


Unknown said...

I feel ya. I don't mind the bike ride, but hate not really being able to "go" anywhere. Sitting outside is okay if it's reasonably "nice" out, and you're not too cold/wet. But I long for taking a ride and ending up inside a warm coffee shop for a couple hours to read, write, or draw. Being forced to do those things from home all the time gets tiring.

B.J. and JoLynn Ondo said...

Totally understand, We stopped at a Wendy's and then a Mc Donalds to get a "salad" for lunch and we couldn't use the drive in window and they both have stopped making salads due to covid!! We are both 65 and let's face it when you get old you need a restroom stop a bit more often and there was NO restrooms with all the inside dining closed and the city (Colorado Springs, CO.) has been really BAD about closing all the restrooms in the parks!! :( We end up having to know the exact location of construction area units and even they've started locking them up on us, arrugh!! :( We've been able to go down to a level orange which has opened indoor dining at 25% capacity so there may be and improvement in the current situation and maybe we can get a semi-fresh salad again!! Have a better day down the road!! :)