Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Bike Happy Hour and getting my bearings again

#bikehappyhourpdx tonight was awesome. 

Hung out with a mix of new and old friends, excellent fries and fabulous #bikeogling — plus a sweet invitation to put my bicycle knowledge to work as a volunteer at @bikefarmpdx ! James from Bike Farm assures me I wouldn’t have to turn wrenches, and that I can talk someone through a repair and help them learn how to do it

I think I’m gonna take them up on the idea.

As long as no meetings are involved. 🤣

If you live in Portland and haven’t yet been to Bike Happy Hour, make it a Wednesday evening destination soon! You’ll find all kinds of bicycles to ogle, delicious food and drink, and some of the nicest folks around. Sometimes it’s just casual conversation, other times Jonathan (Maus, your host and founder of will invite local bike geeks on government and advocacy to come and field questions about bicycle transportation policy. It’s often interesting, and always fun.

And next week, I hope to gather some donations of stainless steel water bottles, to wash and regift to Blanchet House to hand out to people in need who are living outside. I’ll post on Facebook to remind people early next week, but feel free to spread the word yourself.

Happy riding, and see you next week at Happy Hour.

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