Saturday, March 9, 2024

FOR SALE in PDX: Deeluxe Singlespeed city bike! LOWER PRICE

As much as I have enjoyed this bike, the time has come where I can no longer pedal a singlespeed bike.

My knees simply cannot handle it anymore.

So as of today, it’s for sale.

Steel frame, 21” c-t, top tube 22” c-c. Ideal for someone between 5’ 6” and 5’ 8” tall.

Singlespeed with freewheel and hand brakes.

Converted to 26”/559 wheels with long reach calipers.

Special additions include Brooks B-17 saddle, PDW Bodega Basket, Karrimore saddlebag, Misfit Psycles handlebar. I could take these off and sell separately, but together they really complete the bike.

Upright, comfortable ride, perfect for around town riding.

Conversion and overhaul was done by a professional shop mechanic.

As it sits, I’d like $225 cash. NEW LOWER PRICE

If you want, I can swap in cheaper saddle and remove basket and saddlebag for less money.

PM me for a meetup.

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