Friday, May 13, 2011

OMG - PIR starts june 6

Just as I'd been almost lulled into a ryhthm with the weight work and the occasional interval on the cargo bike (why is it that when I think to do interval work I am always riding the Surly?), An email appeared in my box yesterday that shook me out of my near-complacency.

PIR short-track begins June 6.


This start is two weeks earlier than last year. The promoter decided to extend the series to eight weeks and had to skip a Monday in the middle for July 4, so in a little more than three weeks (!!!) I'll be toeing the starting line in the Womens' Singlespeed category and hoping to god I don't lock handlebars with someone else, or die on the starting incline, or otherwise screw up.

I feel stronger. Am I faster? Probably not much, but if I can hang in there and finish my race every single week I will be happy. I am racing every week of the series and hope to place reasonably well in the overall standings (I got fifth in my category last year so good things are possible). In my case, consistency will win out over sheer speed.

Singlespeed women and men and Cat 2 masters race at 6:30pm. Details here:

I will -- if the jerseys arrive in time -- be wearing the orange and black of Team Slow.
Local friends are invited to come and watch the mayhem.

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