Thursday, May 19, 2011

when you can't hit the gym, mow the lawn

I promised Sweetie that I would get to the lawn this week.
I also wanted to squeeze in another workout. I couldn't do both on the same night.
So last night on my commute home I pushed myself hard on all the streets with even a slight incline, sometimes in the saddle, sometimes out of the saddle. On a bright, sunny evening I breathed hard and definitely elevated my heart rate -- but at no time did I need to reach for the inhaler. When I got home, I parked the bike, grabbed the push-mower, and tackled the long grass.
Having a push-mower is like having another piece of resistance equipment on hand, especially when the grass gets almost too long to mow. You just push harder, and go back over a spot again and again until it's trimmed down.
By the time I was finished, I had worked up a lovely, healthy sweat in the fading evening sunlight.
I'm hoping that the weather will hit a nice long dry spell soon so I can get to work with the hand-edger -- my other piece of resistance equipment.

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