Wednesday, May 18, 2011

update: judaica

Regarding the response to my last post from someone from the Yeshiva University Museum:
I didn't know that Yeshiva University had a museum, but they do and they would like to have a couple of my pieces for their Contemporary Collecton.
I could've been a jerk about it and asked them for money, but I decided to just not worry about it and honor their request for a donation. I don't make my living from making art; and hey, my stuff's going to be seen in a museum. How cool is that?
I'm sending them a mezuzah and a pair of candlesticks. The woman I spoke with has a friend who might want to commission a Kiddush cup from me (I generally only make the cups by request anymore since they're such a bear to make).
Anyway, I think this is pretty damned cool.

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