Friday, July 20, 2012

bikes: in and out

Bridgestone MB-4

The Bridgestone is ready to race. I'm not thrilled with the gearing -- I know how wimpy my legs are -- and may swap in a larger cogset in the rear. That will be easier than finding more appropriate chainrings for up front.

Overall, it's a happy, grin-inducing ride and I'm looking forward to taking it out to play at PIR on Monday night.


In other news, this means I am ready to give up the Rivendell LongLow.

It looks like this.

I had thought of tearing it all down and just selling the frame, but only if I could trade it with someone for an Atlantiz in my size. That seems highly unlikely at this point, and now I am ready to simply sell the bike as it sits. I would prefer to sell it locally, as breaking down and boxing a bike and then figuring out how to haul the box to the UPS depot is real hassle without a car and I'd really rather not bother with all that fuss.

Still figuring out where and how to sell it: on ebay, the Riv list or some other way. I'd really prefer to sell it locally and avoid the hassles of boxing and shipping, which are more annoying without a car. Feel free to contact me if you're seriously interested and we can discuss it.

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