Tuesday, December 24, 2013

laugh-o-the-week: saddle covers

Today on eBay, this priceless Carradice Saddle cover:


When I worked at Citybikes, we sold these things for about twenty bucks each. When we could get them. carradice was notorious for filling only parts of large orders to shops. We'd order fifteen saddlebags, ten Bike Bureaus and  dozen saddle covers, and nine months later we might receive a third of the order. So I get the whole scarcity thing.

But this saddle cover is selling on eBay right now for NINETY bucks. Seriously?

I have my old Carradice Saddle cover. I've repaired it twice with new stitching and proofing wax rubbed into the stitches. Now almost ten years old, it's still going strong, though now I need to play it safe and run a thin plastic bag underneath it during the rainy season. I understand how desirable good gear can be. But when it finally gives up the ghost, I have lots of more affordable -- and easier to find -- options right here in town, including  very stout shower cap I can pick up at Fred Meyer for around three bucks.

Just sayin'.

Happy shopping, kids!

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