Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Kansas bike is going to Kansas!

Earlier in the fall, I brought home an abandoned bike with a bent frame and fixed it up.
I decided to keep it in case there was an opportunity for me to travel with a bike next year.
Today the opportunity was verbally confirmed, and during the negotiation it s clarified that my employer will pay for the cost of shipping the bike ahead. so it really will be the Kansas Bike.
It's mostly ready to go -- it's tuned up and rides decently. It just needs a few more things to make it my rolling home-away-from-home for the three and a half weeks I'll be there in the summer. So over the next few months I'll be looking for super-cheap used accessories, including a rear fender and some cheap grocery panniers. 

I'm pleased, both at the prospect of the gig and at the prospect of having a bike that fits me while I'm there. I'll have to research some longer rides for my days off there.

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