Sunday, December 17, 2017

Nothing to see here: A ride non-report

So as I've grown more "woke", as it were, about the State Of The World these days, I wonder at the need for curating rides.
Sure, there's the fun in seeing where I and fellow bicycle enthusiasts like to ride (this is especially the case during the annual Coffeeneuring Challenge). it can also become too much of a good thing, all those photo stops taking away from the pleasure of simply having a nice ride.

And in the end, isn't having a nice ride what it's about?

Today, I went to the trouble of curating bits of my ride, enjoyed on a cold, mostly cloudy day. I'll toss them up here in hopes that you'll be inspired to go have a nice ride of your own where you live.

And unless there's a specific reason for offering a ride report, there may be fewer of these here in the coming year.

Go out and ride your bike. Because writing about it only goes so far. Just go out and ride, and enjoy.

1. At the New Seasons store on N. Williams. There was actually a soggy, dog-eared 'zone inside, which I did not help myself to. I may stop by and toss in a couple of donations later this week.

2. A lucky find at the Community Cycling Center, where I dropped off a couple of damaged frames that I could not resurrect. (They have a great recycling system and were happy to take them.)
While I was there I rode around back where Salvage Sunday was in full swing. While I wasn't planning to spend any money, I spotted this rear rack for a refugee bike. It cost me a total of 50 cents.

3. I made my way down to Bike Farm for the annual BikeCraft show. I scored a great patch from Microcosm. Look for it soon on a messenger bag near me.
4. I stopped at New Seasons Arbor Lodge an the way home, to pick up a few things that reflect my move away from dairy. (It's a month-long experiment, encouraged by my GI and dietitian. )
I remembered how much I like tinned oysters, and they're on sale right now so I stocked up.
I also discovered that I still like cream in my coffee, so I looked for the cheapest soy creamer on sale and got one of those. Hoping this will ease the transition as I eschew cheese, formerly a major source of protein for me.)
5. On my way home, the sun came out, hanging low in the winter sky at nearly 3pm. I love these cold winter days when the air is crisp and my breath hangs in the air, and makes me pedal faster in spite of myself (in a good way).

Wherever your bicycle takes you in the coming weeks, ride safely, defensively and brightly!
And have a wonderful time getting out and riding your bike in 2018.

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