Tuesday, April 24, 2018

30 days of biking - update

So I'm six days from the end of this month-long bicycle party and here's how it's going.

Knowing that I'd be traveling out of town for a gig, I decided to "bank" some rides in advance by going out twice a day for a few days before I left.
This allowed me to have a ride count for each of the thirty days of April.
Yesterday I flew home from the East Coast, napped for a couple of hours, and then went out to the shed to finish up a refugee bike -- and then, to tally another ride and get myself current, I took that bike for a test-ride. It rides great, and while I was super-tired from flying I was also glad to get in a quick ride.

(the bike)

 (evidence of participation)


Today it's supposed to be near 80F! You can bet I'll be getting a ride in before my hebrew student comes this evening. Cheers and happy riding!

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TrevorW�� said...

We could do with some of that 80F over here in the UK right now.....