Friday, October 12, 2018

2018 coffeeneuring challenige #1: Starbucks, NE MLK & Ainsworth

I went with the tried and true today, a warmup for Coffeeneuring and a longer test ride of my new (to me) folding bike. Scored well on both counts.

I know some people are down on Starbucks, but sometimes when you need decent coffee and there's nothing else nearby, you know what you'll get there. Because if nothing else, Starbucks is consistent, and consistently far better than Dunkin' Donuts.

I also wanted to try out a longer ride on the new folding bike that I got last month and which I've been steadily upgrading and tweaking to make it better.

A minor saddle adjustment along the way was all I needed to make this a pretty happy ride.

I still can't stand the folding pedals, but I'm not ready to pop fifty bucks for something fancy.
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 The cup I've taken with me on almost every Coffeeneuring ride since I found it seven years ago, from Klean Kanteen, is still going strong and still keeping my coffee hot (or cold, as was the case with today's frappacino). I found this lying on the sidewalk on the Broadway Bridge. The brown paint has chipped off even more and at some point it will all be gone. A great thermal cup and worth every penny, even if I had bought it. Which I didn't in this case.
Tomorrow, the Portland-area social kickoff of the Challenge, a meetup in the morning at World Cup Coffee & Tea on NW Glisan. Cheers!
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