Tuesday, April 14, 2020

this week in the brain trust

This week, having scored a decent rolling storage tub unit, I began tackling the mess in the workshop, beginning with upgrading component storage and sorting through some of the oddball components that have come my way over the last several months.
I was glad to have found a better way to store parts. It's not super-strong but it will be durable enough for my purposes until I can find a small all-metal version out there somewhere.

Tomorrow I have some time in the morning to continue cleaning and straightening up. Next, to clear off my tiny workbench so I can actually use it again, instead of dumping parts into my lap while sitting with my shop apron spread across my legs. Because yeah, this looks pretty neglected. (Kind of embarrassing, actually. My workbench at Citybikes never looked this bad, even in the middle of a job.)

Along the way I'll be pulling doubles and extras from my tool collection to toss online to sell and try to make a few bucks (while we all wait to see just how much Trump plans to rob from our COVID-19 checks before they're issued).  Stay tuned and check eBay for some VERY reasonably-priced tools.

Along with continuing to find and repair bikes for my ongoing refugee bikes project, now in its fourth year, I am beginning to take in bike repairs and tune-ups as a way to make a few bucks and help cover some bills while the president sorts out how much or little we will actually receive in COVID-19  stimulus checks. Because right now it's still up in the air for freelancers like me, and I still have bills to pay.
And enjoy those solo rides wherever you can!

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