Thursday, August 27, 2020

keep it or let it go? (another singlespeed)

I bought a three-speed earlier this summer for fifteen bucks.
The hub and shifter worked, but the hub was laced into a rim that was literally corroding away, the rust falling off in big flakes as the metal disintegrated.

So I decided to save the frame and ditch the wheels in favor of turning it into something else.

And that's when a rusty-wheel three-speed became a coaster-brake singlespeed.

I swapped in a pair of 26"/559 wheels, including a rear wheel set up with a coaster brake.

A friend is giving me a front brake and lever for it.

At this point, there's still a slippy three-piece cottered crankarm that either needs a new cotter pin (I hope!), or a whole new spindle and everything.
If I can't fix this with a new cotter pin, I'll need to decide wheter it's worth investing in a whole new bottom bracket. Because cottered bottom brackets are hard to find in good shape.

It gets better.

Today I scored a FREE, large-sized front cargo rack from my local Buy Nothing network.
It's not fancy but it looks like it could handle a small bag of groceries.

And if I fix the bottom bracket problem and install this rack, I am not going to do the sensible thing and sell this.

I cannot resist singlespeeds.

Stay tuned.

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