Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Randi Jo Bartender plus, and an iced mocha recipe

I've seen these on handlebars all over town and even tried working with a cheap factory-made version that didn't work out. Finally, Finding myself with a little discretionary income and wanting to try the real deal, I sprang for a limited-edition version offered by the Tarik Saleh Bike Club, and made by Randi Jo Fabrications.

It arrived yesterday, and I mounted it right up using the straps provided.

It fit right into the corner created by my handlebar and basket, and the straps could be pulled tight enough to keep it from wobbling.
It does make my bike look a little over-accessorized, but since my rides are mostly urban and utilitarian, that seems a very small quibble. Mostly it puts my coffee in a perfect place without me having to mount another bottle cage. And my cockpit is long enough that even when pedaling it's not in the way at all.

Th\is cool little number came with a Tarik Saleh Bike Club patch sewn on the pocket and cost me $55. It was a limited run and Tarik is out of them. But you can always get a patchless version directly from the maker, Randi Jo Fabrications. She calls it the Bartender Plus and it has all the same features as mine except the TSBC patch.

I carried a tall Klean Kanteen insulated bottle with a sip-top in mine today, filled with my own iced mocha recipe. It's delicious, and far cheaper to make at home than to buy from Starbucks:

In an insulated mug, combine
-- five frozen coffee cubes (make them in your tray at home, and use coffee -- not water -- so your drink won't lose flavor as the ice cubes melt)
-- equal parts leftover coffee and water
-- one big scoop of your favorite chocolate ice cream (here, it's Umpqua ice cream, best in the world)
Screw on a secure cap and shake vigorously until the ice cream has mostly been absorbed into the mix.
Replace with a sip-=top and enjoy while you ride.
Hope your rides are all safe and fun!

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