Sunday, October 4, 2020

Coffeeneuring Challenge 2020 #1: bringing home the bacon, as it were

 I am choosing to begin my Coffeeneuring Challenge a week early, owing to the small window of time I have between two eye surgeries to get it all done. I may not qualify for a prize, but I'd still like to get in as many rides as I can before I must prepare for my second eye surgery. So In order for me to spread out the rides over a reasonable amount of time, I decided to begin this weekend.

One good thing: This ride was about bringing home the groceries, while enjoying a sunny transitional day between summer and fall weather.

I rode to New Seasons, got what I needed, and took a slightly winding way home in order to pick up something from the porch of a Buy Nothing Network member. Along the way I enjoyed the sun, the sights and a few sounds as well -- and reminded myself that not everyone is able to have the same experience during this health and economic downturn.
I'm not editing photos here, just tossing them up for proof that I partook.
In this case, with money tight until I get paid for my most recent [online] gig, I decided to ride first, and then come home and drink a glass of juice on my porch. It hit the spot.

(Sugar Ray is actually a big, sweet boy if he gets to know you. Biscuits don't hurt, either.)

Happy riding!

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Nancy said...

Nice start to the season of coffeeneuring ;’-).