Saturday, October 17, 2020

Coffeeneuring Challenge 2020 #4: Luncheoneuring at La Cocina

After five days camping with my sister and not doing a whole lot of physical activity, I was really ready for a ride today.
I planned to meet up with someone from Cascadian Courier Collective PDX to pick up my order of one of their cool cycling caps, and we decided on an intersection near their HQ. I chose to ride my "new" singlespeed, since I had adjusted the gearing by installing a smaller chainring and tightened everything down. The ride was easy and fun, except for the saddle (more on that later).

I ordered lunch at La Cocina, a quesadilla that promised guac, sour cream, cheese and shredded chicken.
I got everything but the sour cream, and since I was meeting up with someone I didn't feel oike hassling about it (it was included in the cost, so whatever).

As quesos go, it wasn't bad. The outdoor seating was spaced far enough apart for my comfort level, and I wore my mask unless I was actually eating or drinking.

My beverage on this sunny afternoon was a glass of ice water, that paired well with the slightly zingy guac.

I enjoyed some people-watching while eating and waiting for my cap delivery.

                 (Not this cap. I wore this one on my ride.)

While I finished lunch, a nice fellow from CCC-PDX stopped by to deliver my new cap.
All cotton and black, very classy, and it will fit my tiny head better after a washing.

Afterwards, I headed home, stopping at the drugstore to pick up a prescription. The sky was clouding over quickly, and I wanted to be home before the possibility of rain because I hadn't taken a jacket with me.

The one bummer about riding during the COVID times is that public restrooms aren't nearly as available now. So I have to ride around and look for someone doing a remodel -- and hope the porta-potty is unlocked. (With Crohn's and IBS, this can sometimes become quite urgent. Thankfully, Portland will always be under construction, at least until the final collapse of capitalism, so I can usually find one along the way.)

It was a lovely afternoon and I was so glad to get back on my bicycle.

The saddle issue will need to be corrected. I installed this light brown saddle thinking it would look nice. It does, but it's not actually leather -- which my tender butt can't handle these days.
So I'll pull it and try something else.
I'm enjoying this singlespeed bike and plan to keep it at least through next spring or summer. After that I'll see if it makes sense to keep it longer.

Anyone want a saddle, cheap? It's similar in size to a B-17, just a little firmer than my girly-butt likes. If you like the Cambium, this will work fine for you. $30 bucks includes shipping in USA.

Happy riding!

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