Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Rebooting: A ride a day

Today, I had to take a very large package to the FedEx depot, roughly a mile from home.
The day had started out very cold, with temps in the mid-30s. By 2pm, the sun had broken through the clouds and temps had warmed up to around 50. So I pulled on a vest and strapped the package into the flap of my very old Chrome Citizen messenger bag. It's the oldest Chrome bag I own; I bought it used about thirteen years ago, when it had been in much nicer condition. I used the bag to haul music gear, books, groceries and all sorts of things for years, until it became clear that my shoulder needed a break. I switched to a backpack and reserved the shoulder bag for heavy loads by car.

But today it was the perfect bag for this load.

The ride was slow. Pedaling up the first large hill was still hard -- and I suspect it will be for awhile, even as I try to ride a little each day now -- but after that things got easier and more pleasant. The bag held the long, heavy parcel perfectly. After I dropped it off, I got a snack and rode to 13th and Holman "pocket" Park to eat it.

The air was still brisk but it was nice to sit in the sun.
When I got up to go home, I enjoyed the rush of clouds across the blue sky, and the bright colors of daffodils and crocuses against the green grass. And I was glad I'd ridden.

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anniebikes said...

I like your thinking: a ride a day. This is how I started doing daily yoga this year - and can't stop, a great thing.