Monday, October 29, 2012

Coffeeneuring Challenge 2012 # 6: Starbucks, NE Ainsworth & MLK

I had spent the morning off puttering on a bike project and lost track of time. So between that and carving out time to rehearse for an upcoming gig ( I had to really dash to squeeze in a Coffee trip.
I decided to try again for the Starbucks at NE Ainsworth and MLK.  ( Turns out that last week my cyclometer's battery had fizzled and my mileage was off by half a mile. So in fact, the Starbucks is at least a mile from home. Barely.

Mister Guitar Dude hangs out in front of this Starbucks all day long, alternating between strumming his Stratocaster copy and thumbing a worn Bible. He glowered at me while I locked up my bike. (He often does that, too. I have learned not to attempt to disarm him by saying hello.)

I raced home with time to spare for the afternoon's rehearsal. Total mileage: 2.2 miles.

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