Sunday, October 7, 2012

i still love 'cross, but i don't miss racing it

Today the Cyclocross Crusade series began here in Portland. I have no idea how many participants there were but I assume the number smashed all previous records. The weather was beautiful -- perhaps a little too warm for proper cyclocross conditions -- and most of my teammates from Team Slow went out to play. Initial reports indicate that they found the course to be challenging and the racing satisfying.
I was thrilled for them, sorry I could not go and watch -- and completely content to not be racing cyclocross this year.

I would like to race short-track again next summer if time and money permit. Short-track is much more fun than 'cross, because it's warmer, drier (usually) and the courses are way more technical and not slog-fests the way most 'cross courses are. But short-track is another animal altogether; an Portland remains a serious cyclocross town.

I will probably try to go out to Hillsboro in November to watch my friends race, on the only Sunday I'm not teaching this fall. Otherwise, I am content to work a new set of muscles this fall as the great transition kicks into some wacky kind of high gear. I have work, I am building new directions and networking like mad to figure out where I will be next summer. Today someone paid me to play live music for an hour. They even provided the sound system, so all I had to do was show up, plug in, and perform. When it was over they handed me a hundred bucks.  I could handle more gigs like that.

Tomorrow will be another beautiful day. I hope to catch a bike ride sometime in the afternoon.

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