Sunday, November 4, 2012

Coffeeneuring Challenge 2012, # 8: Cafe Eleven (NE Rosa Parks Way)

Although I've now submitted my "official" list of coffee stops for the 2012 Coffeeneuring Challenge, the challenge doesn't officially end until November 11. So I'm giving myself time to enjoy a few more stops along the way. Because I've already submitted my list, I don't have to follow the minimum distance and non-work-day rules as hard and fast anymore, which makes it easier for me since I've gone to a changeable part-time work schedule.

Today's stop: Cafe Eleven (435 NE Rosa Parks Way, 1 block east of MLK at the edge of the Piedmont neighborhood), which is just under a mile from my place but was on the way home from my teaching gig this afternoon. They serve Trailhead coffee (, which is locally roasted and quite delicious. I didn't have time to sit for long, so I got it in my thermal mug and checked out the scenery while I sipped. Cafe Eleven was established in an old house at the edge of a residential zone. It went by some other name last year and this year they changed their name (which may mean they changed hands too; Portland restaurants and cafes are notoriously short-lived).

Total ridden: 11.3 miles.
I'll try to get in one more coffee stop before the challenge ends next Sunday evening.

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