Monday, November 12, 2012

sekai tourer, part two

I'm nearly done dialing in this bike. I will want to go back and shorten the brake housing a bit once I dial in the stem height I want, and it needs fenders, mini-rack, saddlebag and lights; but otherwise it's darned close.


I may head out this afternoon in search of fenders; I'm leaning towards 700c hybrid fenders, which I can certainly make work with these narrower tires (I don't plan to run knobbies with this bike).

I have a first-generation Nitto mini-rack that will support a large saddlebag beautifully. My other choice is to run a full-sized rear rack and have the option of using panniers, but I sort of want an unencumbered road-esque bike for longer rides. (The likelihood of my doing a really big tour is pretty low anymore, anyway)

It's conceivable this thing could have fenders by tonight and be completely ready to roll tomorrow morning. Whoot!

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