Wednesday, January 15, 2020

back in the saddle again: more from the brain trust

It has been a tough, tough winter at Rancho Beth. Between wrestling with depression and the recent death of my father-in-love, I've had a hard time getting into much of anything these days.
Yesterday, I finally made myself go into the shed, turn on the little space heater and get to work.

In the stand: A 1986 Specialized RockHopper that was given to me by a friend who's retiring and downsizing. It had been his in college and he hadn't ridden in many years.

It cae to be missing some parts -- cranks, pedals, shifters, rear derailleur -- and so I spent some time yesterday replacing all of that with whatever I had on hand. I'll need to do some fine-tuning, like turning the bottom bracket spindle around to adjust the chain line between the cranks and the rear cogs; but otherwie it should be a fine commuter bike for someone.

The choice: Do I sticker it up and send it off to Catholic Charities for their Refugee Resettlement program? Or do I try to raise funds for more U-locks -- ALWAYS locks! I never have enough -- by selling it?

Suggestions welcome.

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Image may contain: bicycle

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