Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Return to Errandoneeing

After a few years laying off this one, I've decided to return to participate in the Errandonee again. I need  a little kick in the pants to get back on my bike and pedal out the cobwebs of SAD, winter and depression.  So thanks to Mary Gersemelina, I'm hopping back on the Errandonee train.

The rules for this are pretty mellow. Nine different occasions for bicycling errands (social, work, whatever); you can double up on a few of them; and you can choose any stretch of twelve days in a row to ride a minimum total of 30 miles overall.

With my eye surgery coming up in late March and some gigs between here and there, I think I can do this twelve days in a row and get it done.
And because my eye surgery will prevent me from participating in a sizeable chunk of #thirtydaysofbiking in April, this will be a way to get back on the bike and build some momentum before then.

I'll post my errands here, probably trying to do two a day here and there and doing one a day the rest of the time (so I can deal with the potential need for Shabbat rest and not stress).
The fun starts February 1 and runs through March 31. I'll pick a 12-day stretch somewhere in there and get back to you.

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