Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Errandonnee 1 & 2

I began my Errandonne adventures with some night riding, always a risky proposition because my night vision has never been great. Riskier now because my eyesight has diminished over the last few years due to onset of cataracts and Fuch's Dystrophy (corneal nerves decaying faster than normal, a hereditary condition). So I really had to pick my route and ride carefully as the sky darkened.

I arrived at my friend Tori's house, about five miles away. She had invited me to join her for cake and tea, a belated birthday celebration because he couldn't join me on Sunday. We had a lovely talk over dessert, and I got some snuggle time in with my fur friend Memphis, a 12-year-old pittie who is sweet and affectionate,  and has grown mellower with age.

After saying goodbye, I pedaled off towards my neighborhood. On the way, I planned to ride to pick up some free yard supplies, courtesy of our local Freecycle network.
By now it was totally dark and I could not see well enough to ride the whole way home, so I threw my bike on the bus halfway there, and after the pick-up from the donor's porch I rode the rest of the way home (two miles) on well-lit residential streets. It was very cold, and I could see my breath as I pedaled home. And I was perhaps a tad under-layered, but pedaling helped me stay warm enough to enjoy the ride.
I even managed an evidence photo along my route on NE 42nd Ave.

Total: 7 miles
Categories: Personal business (Freecycle), Social call (visit with friend).

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