Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Errandonnee 3, 4 and 5 -- riding between raindrops

Today's ride began sort of cold and I was glad for the wool mid layers. I rode into town to run two specific errands:

First, I stopped in at REI, where I'd made an online purchase of a cool little kit that will let me share the contents of my flask with friends without asking anyone to share my germs as well.  (I also scouted around for a bottle cage that would hold my matching flask, but to no avail.)

After that, I stopped at Metropolis for a rare treat of sushi lunch. The treat has grown more rare because the price of sushi has spiked in the last year and even the veggie plates aren't cheap anymore. Sigh.

As the temperatures warmed, the rain fell in dribs and drabs. I had my rain jacket with me but the rain never got heavy enough for me to reach for the RainLegs.

I rode down the hill to the Chrome PDX Hub, where I met with the manager Veronika and after a little small talk about our 415 storm boots (which we were both wearing today and which we're both huge fans of), we discussed a longtime dream of mine: For the last decade or so I've wanted Chrome to work with me on designing and making a gig bag for my guitar. We talked about the challenges of making such a specific and unusual shape on what would be a limited basis (because mass-producing such a bag would not be cost-effective). We also briefly discussed perhaps starting with a guitar strap, something I'd be willing to pay for as a one-off to get the testing started. There will be more discussions this spring and hopefully something more concrete this summer. If they're willing to work with me on a custom guitar strap design (for which I expect to pay) you might see me rocking that as soon as Mother's Day. Stay tuned.

Because I was so underslept -- I often am these days, thanks to adventures in perimenopause -- I multi-modaled home and caught a little nap before dinner.

Total actually pedaled: 8 miles (not including the bus trip over the bridge)

Categories: Visit to a store; Personal care (feeding myself, sushi lunch for one) and Work (Chrome PDX consult)

Total miles after two days: 15

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Unknown said...

Beth, Glad to see you with a smile and out an up! Jay