Friday, February 7, 2020

Errandonnee #8: Open wide. Wider.

A short trip early this morning, to get an eye exam at the opthamologist's.
I multi-modaled there (total 4 miles pedaling) and took the bus home because I got seriously dilated.
Here's a before picture. And yes, I have a visible astigmatism/odd eye funkiness.
No after picture because WHOO-WHEE! daytime is BRIGHT! SO BRIGHT! Yeee-OW!

(Had to wait a couple hours for the eye drops to wear off before I could type up this report.)

I am hoping my ongoing eye issues won't make it harder to ride a bike in the long run.
Between March 30 and roughly May 18 I may not be able to ride safely at all, due to the fact that my eyes will have wildly different prescriptions while I wait for the second surgery.

I already know that I won't be able to ride a large chunk of #thirtydaysofbiking this year.

Still, I'll ride when I can.
And when I can't I hope I'll be able to see well enough to stay busy repairing refugee bikes.

Category: Personal care (#2)
Four miles total.
Challenge total to date: 16.5 miles

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