Friday, February 28, 2020

is "banking" rides before a cumulative cycling event cheating?

Thirty Days Of Biking begins April 1.
On March 30, I will undergo the first of two surgeries on my eyes.
Each eye will have cataracts removed and a partial corneal transplant.
The first surgery, if successful, will render my vision completely wonky for six to eight weeks (until the second surgery in May). During that time I won't be able to ride a bike or drive a car. I may also bump into things when I walk.
This means that I can't ride in April, and therefore would have to miss #30daysofbiking.

However, with the recent warmer, sunny days, I've been getting out on my bike more.
A fellow biker suggested that, in light of my medical issues, I "bank" my rides in February and March towards the April event -- in effect, "pre-riding" some of the event.

Thirty Days Of Biking is not a copetition, and not even a sanctioned ride. It's just a way for folks to celebrate the joy of riding a bicycle and keeping track of how many days in a row one rode.
Since its inception ten years ago, it has grown into a worldwide party, with folks tallying riding days and sharing photos from their rides everywhere. Now it's also a fundraiser for a charitable bicycle organization in Minneapolis, where the event originated.

Still, I am taking my fellow rider's advice seriously, because I have no other options but to celebrate early and call it good.

In this particular event, it doesn't really matter either way.
But in a more competitive or sanctioned event, would it be cheating?
You decide.
I'm gonna ride.

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