Sunday, February 9, 2020

Errandonnee 9: Scavenger hunt

Today, it stayed in the mid-40s, but the sun finally came out so I went to my scavenger ride.
I do this nearly very Sunday, riding to a coffeehouse about half an hour before closing, where I can enjoy a cup of coffee and then, to no one's objections, help myself to what's left of the New York Times Sunday edition. Yes, by then it's several hours old and Monday's issue is already being edited and will hit the presses just after dinner; but the news in the Sunday edition is still relevant enough that I can amuse myself with it for a few days at least.
No, I don't pay for it, because I practice mindful cheapskating daily and $6 is, frankly, too rich for my blood on Medicaid and food stamps.
So I wait until the coffeeshop doesn't need it anymore, and I help myself to a newspaper that wuld otherwise get recycled. Everybody wins.

Which is good, because the coffee was old and had that floral finish that I'm not wild about.
I like my coffee to taste like, well, coffee. Not mashed dandelions.
(Reminder: skip Woodlawn Coffee next time.)


I took a lovely scenic route around the neighborhood after coffee, to soak up the sun and admire the crocuses now popping up out of the ground. My knees hurt like crazy -- and it doesn't seem to matter which bike I ride these days, my knees feel creaky regardless, a sign that age and arthritis are becoming bigger factors over time. But I really enjoyed riding in the sunshine, so a little creak was worth it.

On the way home, I stopped to say hello to a couple of pit bulls I know; they live in the yard on all but the coldest days, and are trained to guard. But they don't seem to mind when I keep my distance and talk to them in a loving baby voice. They really are beautiful. So far, their owners don't mind me, admiring the dogs, either.

Category: Wild Card (scavenging)
Total distance: 2 miles.

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