Monday, February 10, 2020

Errandonnee 10, 11, 12: A little smoragsboard

So today I needed to get a few things done, and they added up.

First, I rode over to see a mural my friend had told me  about, on one of the side streets behind PCC-Cascade (can't remember which now, but it's over near Killingsworth, I'll try and get a location).

I really like the use of color -- and roses! -- in this one.

Then, I rode around the south side of PCC-Cascade and soaked up some sunshine, just for the pleasure of it. Tomorrow will bring fog in the morning, followed by some very cold showers, so I made the most of a gorgeous afternoon.

My next errands, with accessories -- coffee and work -- was at the Starbucks near my house.

I needed coffee (of course), and I really needed to finally get down to work on some writing for an upcoming Shabbaton trip (where I'll be a guest artist/educator at a synagogue in the midwest). I tend to be a bit of a procrastinator on these things, hanging out with ideas for awhile before actuyally writing them down and constructing lines of reasoning. I got a good start on this at the coffee shop, and should be able to finish it before the weekend.

 It was nice to get out of the house -- Sweetie and I are both freelancers, and she got to enjoy some quiet time at home working while I had a nice cup of coffee and some space of my own.

After leaving Starbucks, I stopped by another neighbor to pick up a freecycle offer of some brand-new earbuds. I am always misplacing these things, especially when I'm touring; so it's good to keep a spare set or two on hand just in case.
I noticed with a smile that the light is lasting longer. At 5pm, while I prepare this ride report, it's still light outside, which it wasn't a month ago. It's still quite cold, but there are buds appearing on the tips of the branches now, and crocuses bloom in yards and green strips around the neighborhood.
And to my delight, the dandelion bulbs a friend gifted to us, and which we planted next to the driveway last year, are sending up gentle green shoots that should bloom in the coming week or so.

I have one category left to complete, and five days to do it in.
I'm confident I can get it done. meanwhile, I may rack up additional errands in the coming days, just for the hell of it.

The truth is that, while riding has been hard, I've still enjoyed it. It's hard because I'm out of shape nowadays -- the fatigue from all sorts of issues, plus worsening arthritis in my knees and hands, have made the riding slow, tiring and very creaky, even achy. But the benefits are still there, including slightly elevated mood, a chance to go slowly enough to see the seasons turn up close, and the plasure I get from being able to turn the cranks and feel fresh air on my cheeks. I am hoping that the planned travels and surgeries of the spring will not completely flatten my riding for too long.

Categories: Arts and Entertainment (Street art);Work (writing at the coffee shop); Personal Business (freecycle pickup).
Total miles pedaled (and no bus!): 7.5 -- bringing my total to to 26 miles pedaled.

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