Friday, March 4, 2016

Errandonnee 2016:2 -- because i can

I hadn't planned on doing two errands with the trailer today, but since tomorrow is Shabbat and Parr Lumber is closed on Sunday and we needed cat litter now, I went out again after lunch.

A friend told us a few years ago that commercial cat litter, besides being expensive, is also environmentally nasty because it doesn't biodegrade quickly and often contains chemicals we'd rather not leach into the soil. Instead, he suggested we try wood pellets, kind often used in pellet stoves and made from the leftover trimmings of lumber production. They're 100 per cent biodegradable and a lot safer for the environment than most cat litters. They're also a lot cheaper; I can get a forty-pound bag for around five bucks at my local lumber yard. So every now and then, I take the trailer and head over to Parr, which is about a mile and a half from our place, and stock up. My old Burley trailer is rated up to about a hundred pounds, so I can easily haul two bags home.

It's pretty straightforward. Pull into the truck bay,  pay for what you need, then drive through to the other end and let one of the nice warehouse fellas load your order, and drive out. 
I've been buying my pellets here for long enough that they no longer bat an eye at the sight of my bike trailer; but when I first started shopping here the warehouse guys did a double-take. "Can your trailer hold that much?" they'd ask. 
Yup. No problem.


To make sure I rode at least 2.5 miles, I took the scenic route home, and on the way I came across this lovely specimen at curbside.

 Thankfully, we're all set for commodes at home so I left it for someone else.

Total distance: 2.8 miles.

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