Thursday, March 10, 2016

errandonnee 7, 8, 9 &10: busy, busy, busy

A busy day of errandonneeing!
Today's errands included:

A haircut, though my barber did not allow me to take her picture;

Velo Cult, to duck out of the rain and enjoy a Ginger Brew:

Chrome Industries and a little loop around NW Portland:

(above: the bathroom at the Portland Chrome store. I learned that the interior of Chrome's bathroom does not at all match the aesthetic of the rest of the store. Below: The ZooBomb pile. Note that the tiny bike at the top of the pole is a match for the tiny bike at the top of the Sabin School covered bike awning)

After I came back over the east side of town, I made. my way to the New Seasons Market at Rosa Parks (shopping) and Revolver Bikes (borrowing) before heading home.

Total distance: 14.2 miles
File under: 7 - personal grooming
                  8 - weather evasion, refreshment
                  9 - shopping
                10 - borrowing (wild card?)

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