Sunday, March 6, 2016

errandonnee 2016:4 -- sittin' here watchin' the wheels go 'round and 'round

This may not entirely qualify, but since I'm battling Crohn's-related fatigue and the batteries in my camera died, I'm calling it a Wild Card sort of ride.

What I did was I took the trailer (again with the trailer!) to the Community Cycling Center for their scrap day. Once a week for two hours, the bicycle non-profit opens its scrap cage to pickers like me and lets us sort through whatever junked bicycles are piled up in there. We can bring our own tools and help ourselves to anything we can lay our hands on, and when we're done they weigh up our piles and charge us by the pound.

It's very civilized and everyone is polite, even agreeing to tear down an old bike together so each of them can take whatever parts they need. Salvage Sundays are great. Today I took home a whole bike and some small parts, all of which I will find a use for.

Since my camera died, here's a stock photo of the scrap shed:

I loaded up my trailer with an entire bike and some extra parts, and rode it home. The weather was cool, but sunny, with fast-moving clouds. Rain was predicted. Happily, it held off long enough for me to not only unload and stow the trailer, but to mow the lawn as well -- the earliest in the year I've ever mowed our lawn, but it needed it.

Now, a few hours later, after a much-needed nap -- darned Crohn's is making me super-tired these days -- the rain has arrived, pounding against the roof and windows. I am indoors with a hot cup of tea, glad to have gone out and glad to have gotten home before the weather turned.

Total distance: 2.5 miles (just barely, according to the Portland Bicycle Map)
File under: WILD CARD

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