Friday, April 7, 2017

30 days - April 6: Roadway Not Improved

A few pictures from Thursday's ride.

Urban Farm Collective. One of several plots around N/NE Portland. Vacant lots are taken over and planted with produce. People can sign up for a plot and tend it themselves on their own schedule. This plot has been looking pretty haggard for several months, and the house next door to it has shown a few signs of sprucing up. I worry that signals the end of this plot as sprucing up generally preceds another old house being put on the market.

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Below: There are dozens of these unfinished blocks, especially in North and Northeast Portland, usually marked with signs like this one. Potholed, and filled with loose and packed gravel, they are actually fun to navigate. I used to use them as practice sports when I prepared for short-track mountain bike race season; great places to practice bike-handling.

Image may contain: sky, basketball court, tree and outdoor    Another shot of just what's involved in spots like this. Often, homeowners whose houses open onto these blocks will fight to keep them unimproved, to prevent a spike in their property taxes. I know, that's SO Oregon.
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Feet shown for scale.

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Best view of all came near the end of my ride when I looked up and saw this:
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These beautifully back-lit clouds signaled the advancing storm, which arrived from the coast shortly after dinnertime.
Today (Friday) it's very windy and there have been power outages all over town, so I may only partake in a "ceremonial" short ride to the corner store and back. Happy Friday!

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