Wednesday, April 5, 2017

30 days of biking: April 5

I am so far behind in my preparations for Passover -- first seder is Monday night and the in-laws arrive Saturday -- that the last thing I need is to find time for a daily bike ride these days.
And yet, riding was exactly what I needed. Sweetie pushed me out the door and said, "don't come back until you've ridden at least two miles. Fast."

It wasn't a big ride. I took a scenic loop up to the drug store to pick up something sweet and a few household items. Along the way, I enjoyed some gorgeous spring blooms and delighted in a small "free" box outside the soon-to-be former location of Upcycles. (They're moving to a new space at 16th off Killingsworth.)

When I got home, we checked the weather forecast, and saw that rain would begin tonight and last the next three days. So I pulled out the lawn mower and got a little upper body workout while the grass was still merely damp and mowable.

I will be slammed tomorrow with final house-cleaning and any ride I take will be ceremonially short.

The last of the big, beautiful blossoms in the neighborhood. Many of the trees have begun to drop petals as the summer greens begin to crowd out the flowers.
Look what came today!
Thank you, Banjo Brothers.
Looky what I found!  My second bike parts free box in two days.
A fair amount of what was here will be useful when I fix up bikes for refugees, including fender bits, handlebars and stem, even a small pump.

I LOVE scavenging for parts.

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