Wednesday, April 12, 2017

30 days: catching up (April 7-12)

Sorry about the lag in posts.

Passover preparations and seders took precedence this week and so I'm sharing a few random photos here to catch up.

April 7 and 8: shorter rides, errands and such. No photos here, sorry.

April 9:I took a bunch of donations up to Community Supported Everything on Alberta, and left them in the "Free" Closet out front. I love how much carrying capacity my Bridgestone has!

 The Free Closet is a place where people can leave donations of clothing, books and household items, and/or take what they need. Once a week a volunteer comes by and rearranges and reorganizes whatever's there to keep things neat.

More neighborhoods ought to have places like this.

Afterwards, I went next door to the Community Cycling Center and checked out Salvage Sunday. Every Sunday, people can bring their own tools and pull of whatever parts they need from bikes that are too far gone to fix up and resell. Then you pay by the pound to take it home.
I found some nice racks, fenders, seat wedges and a few other random parts that will go towards my Refugee Bikes project.

April 10: A quick, enjoyable run to the store to get a few last-minute things for our seder that evening. (As long as I can refill my coffee cup along the way, I'll go almost anywhere Sweetie asks me to.)

April 11: I actually ended up postponing this ride until the morning of the 12th because I had too many Passover-related items to attend to.
A short little run up to the produce place on Killingsworth.

April 12: By the early evening I still had not gotten in my ride for the actual day today. So I hopped on my bike and did a brisk run around the park and home again in the rain. I got a little soaked but it felt good.

Happily, I'm now back on schedule for the rest of the week.

Happy riding!


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