Monday, October 7, 2013

coffeeneuring 2013 edition # 2: peet's coffee, 15th & broadway

This one was sort of obligatory, in that I had to meet someone over coffee and had to select a logistically sensible choice for both of us. I visited Peet's at NE 15th and Broadway last year during the Challenge, and while I didn't really want to include it again this year, I was sort of stuck with it. So this year I ordered something a little different and, well, way foofier: a pumpkin au lait.
The coffee was a little strong, but the flavoring was pretty well balanced against the coffee. I ordered mine with non-fat milk and no whipped cream; if you go all-out fattening you'll have a different experience than I did. Still, it wasn't half bad.

I met my sister there to have, well, "sister time". We try to squeeze this in whenever we can; because we both live in the same city we tend not to make it regular, but it is always good when we get together. We catch up on all sorts of stuff, laugh and joke together; and then my sister usually impresses the hell out of me with her vast storehouse of world-life knowledge. She is one of the smartest people in the world.

Knowing that I'd probably spend the next two hours on my ass in a hard wooden chair, I elected to ride as briskly as possible to the coffee shop.

It turned out that she thought we were meeting an hour later than we'd originally planned, so I wound up waiting almost an hour before she got there. No worries. I spent three hours on my ass in a hard wooden chair but had a great time hanging out with my big sister.

When I went outside to ride home, the temperature had dropped by more than ten degrees. There were rain clouds in the distance, and the breeze was blowing them in my general direction. Suddenly my wool sweater wasn't warm enough to ride home at a leisurely pace. So I ripped my legs off and sped up 14th Avenue all the way. Once my heart and lungs got used to the idea, they  caught up with my legs and it felt really good to kill myself a little on my bike. By the time I was about a mile from home I was almost warm enough.

Photos of the shop, the atmosphere, and how I spent my first hour (people-watching, sipping my au lait and looking at bicycle porn online).

Evidence: yes, that IS my bike locked up outside.

Nice ride there and home again, total of 6.1 miles.

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