Saturday, October 19, 2013

coffeeneuring challenge 2013, # 5: velo cult

It had to happen. I had hoped to try out a coffee shop that would be new for this year's challenge, but it didn't happen today. I had something to exchange at Velo Cult and it was a beautiful day, bright and sunny; so I took a neighborhood route that has become what I call my Velo Cult Loop. Below: checking my rear view on NE Going Street, a city-designated Bicycle Boulevard.


Below: fall colors at NE 38th and Fremont, Alameda neighborhood. It's not New England, because half of our trees are evergreen; but it's still really pretty.

Velo Cult does not offer cream of sugar with their pour-over coffee.

If you visit, try it black before you complain.
It's actually very, very good; and if you still need something sweet bring along a fresh pastry from somewhere (Velo Cult does not serve food).

At the right time of day, you won't need the pastry.

Below: Sometimes I still miss wrenching for a living. But only sometimes.

When I visit Velo Cult, I always consult the shop's Magic 8-Ball.
It works.

Velo Cult is open seven days a week, 10am to 10pm. It is the coolest anti-shop in Portland and I'm not sorry I went here again for this year's challenge.

I looped back around and rode home along tree-lined residential streets boasting brilliant red, orange and gold. Total: 10.4 miles. More pictures at

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