Friday, October 18, 2013

projects abound: fall-winter 2013

Yesterday on my way to teach, I passed by a free pile on the sidewalk. In the pile were inner tubes, a couple of old steel wheels and these beauties.

GT Timberline. Most of the components are there, and can probably be brought back to life. A cheap pair of wheels should be easy to source in this town.

Specialized Hard Rock. It's all there except the chain. Yes, there's a LOT of rust -- this IS the Pacific Northwest -- but I'm confident this could be made into a rider again. I might even be able to get enough rust off the rear cogs to make them useable.

Projects like these are a balm for my soul during times of intense busy-ness and/or stress. They allow me to keep my hand in bicycle "mechanistry" (to borrow a word from my pal Sam Tracy). And if the bikes don't totally suck, they will end up under a happy rider in the future.

Between my album project, teaching and other responsibilities, these will be a nice occasional distraction when I need a break from work. Between the rust and the parts I'll have to replace, they ought to keep me busy well into early December.

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