Monday, October 21, 2013

coffeeneuring challenge 2013, #6: jazzkats/nectar

I had business at Velo Cult on my day off -- meeting with a framebuilder who rents space inside Sky's cavernous space -- and wanted some coffee. I took a multi-modal route to the Hollywood neighborhood, using a combination of bicycling and public transit. The coffee shop known as JazzKats was right around the corner, and I decided to make a coffeeneuring trip out of it.  JazzKats also wasn't on my list last year so I'd finally hit up another new coffee stop (Grindhouse, # 1, was the first non-repeat from last year).

JazzKats had closed for a time last year when the owner was seriously injured in a bad collision. Then, this spring, the shop re-opened under new ownership, but had kept the name. I went in, and the one thing that had changed right away was that there were no longer air pots near the counter. Regular coffee is now being made to order in the pour-over, single-serving method. Also, most of the original decor was gone, and all of the baked goods were now either vegan, gluten-free, organic or some combination thereof.

While waiting for my coffee, I learned from the girl behind the counter that the shop was changing its name to Nectar, and was now roasting beans on-site. Signage was in the process of being made. For now, the old JazzKats sign still hung in the window. 

I sprang for a cup of the pour-over House Blend, and it tasted fresh and pleasantly mellow. I skipped the baked goods, and went over to Velo Cult to conduct my business -- having Joshua Bryant braze on eyelets so I could mount another bottle cage on the Sekai. It took about half an hour, and I got to sit at a counter with my coffee and watch the work through a window.

When he was done, I paid Joshua, rode home, cleaned off the rest of the flux and re-painted the bare spots on the frame with a paint-pen. Since I built this bike on the cheap, I don't need it to be a show-piece, so I'm not worried about matching the color or anything.

The ride home was warm and sunny -- October continues to be unseasonably warm and dry, with temps in the high 60s during the day. I rode home in a t-shirt and knickers and loved it.
Total 7.5 miles.

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